the studio - blueLIGHT AUDIO|MEDIA

My recording studio, BLUElight Audio Media, is a great space that I use for projects that I produce, engineer, mix, and/or master.  Though I'm always available for freelance work in other facilities, BLUElight is home to the vast majority of the projects I work on.  If you'd like to swing by to check out the studio and discuss your project, feel free to send me a message.

The studio is based around an Avid Pro Tools Ultimate recording system, with an analog front end consisting of outboard gear by the likes of BAE (British Audio Engineering), API, Universal Audio, A Designs, AEA, Focusrite, Vintech, and more, with state-of-the-art Lynx Aurora (n) analog-to-digital conversion and Focal Twin 6bes and Avantone Mixcubes for monitoring. Getting the source sounding great is my top priority, and to that end I've put together a collection of truly excellent microphones and a selection of great amps, drums, pedals, and more that are available for use on all projects. The gear list is always changing and evolving to suit the needs of artists as well as my own, so please send a message if you have any questions. It's a great place for recording music and I'm really happy with the sounds this space has been turning out.

Want to come by the studio to discuss your project and check out the space? Message me and we can set up a time - pre-project consultations are always no-obligation and completely free.